Marketing strategy for ICO new realities

ENVIRONMENT The investors for ICOs usually came from blockchain community at the past. But the environment is changing quickly. Number of ICOs launched every day is staggering compared to 2-3 months ago. The new Investor incursion is not growing at the same rates, so the overall competition is growing fast. This is supported by statistics in October that says that 2/3 of all ICOs did not hit 75% target compared to 7% back in June. Also Bitcoin’s spectacular growth during the last 2 months (over 100%) makes competition for Investors even more fierce since Cryptocurrencies are looked as an alternative speculative investment options by Blockchain community and it is much more liquid compared to tokens. NEW MARKETING IDEAS???

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Author: Lendoco

I'm in process of teaching new entrepreneur's simple strategies for online success. It is a passion and personal goal of his to help the Internet Newbie master a simple marketing plan and to achieve the level of success that they desire by taking consistent daily action! To assist the seasonal and non-seasonal successful entrepreneurs how to increase their profits,and to expand their business by leveraging to power of the Internet! His passion for family, business, and faith is contagious.

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