Boon.VC – ICO Information – Why Boon Looks Promising

BOON has a working product, it is a platform, project actually solves a problem which cant be solved without blockchain, cutting edge patent pending technology, manageable competitors, fantastic team and advisers and zero hype.

BOON is a Artificial Intelligence powered decentralized job platform on blockchain.

Not a lot of people know this, but Freelance economy annually is $1.4 trillion USD . Major companies are Upwork and Fiverr which has a combined market cap of 1.3 Billion USD. There are many other players with 50 to 200 million market cap.

According the the studies, by 2017 majority of workers will be freelancers. Millennials are leading the way.

If you are reading this, actually you probably want to be like a freelancer without a boss and manage your time and life at your own leisure. That was one reason I got into Crypto investment.

BOON actually goes one step further and address the most important barrier for any blockchain project to be adopted by mainstream.

Volatility For any blockchain project to be successful, it has to attract the mainstream users from legacy platforms. There is no other short cut to it.

One of the most prominent reason users hesitate to use a blockchain product or service is the volatility of cryptocurrency. No one like to lose money.

Boon address the volatility issue by a patent pending technology that solves the fluctuations of cryptocurrency in BOON platform. BOON solves this problem by introducing BOON dollars which is pegged to the most stable currency in the world, US dollars.

Mainstream Adaptability Imagine you are a Android user, will you move to a blockchian phone if the new product allows you to keep your number and dont charge for the phone service?

I will move in a heartbeat.

This is exactly BOON has done to attract new mainstream users to BOON plaform. BOON allows users from Upwork, Fiverr etc to import their profile to BOON and charge no service fee to use BOON platform. For freelancers its their reviews and ratings.

BOON has a remarkable competitive advantage with zero service fee compared to 20% service fee at Upwork and Fiverr. This reduces the friction of any Upwork or Fiverr users to try BOON platform.

Artificial Intelligence Integration BOON has integrated Artificial Intelligence into BOON platform. If this is true and working condition I will be buying more BOON tokens.

I know from my freelance hiring experience, there is no intelligence in matching the perfect talent you are looking for in Upwork or Fiverr. Its a hit and miss to get the right person. There are many fake reviews or rather meaningless reviews in the platforms.

If BOON gets the match making aspect in AI right, that will be ground breaking. In the white paper its mentioned that IBM Watson Personal insights is used to rank and match the freelancers to the clients. I know a little bit of Personal Insights and its actually amazing. IBM PI reads a text and gives you a score based on the personal traits of the user who wrote the message. So Boon will be able to identity good apples from bad apples in the platform and can only promote good apple.

Artificial Intelligence for identity protection Boon uses AI for identity protection. I looked at the white paper, this means there is no human interference in verifying the Identity of a user on the Boon platform. I think this feature will give lot of confidence for people who are worried about identity theft.

Artificial Intelligence for removing language barrier. Boon uses artificial intelligence for reducing the language barrier in the platform. This is actually a good feature, I never hire any one who doesn’t speak good English because it actually affect the project. So language translation is a great tool for eliminating the communication barrier.

I think these are well thought out features which is actually required on any platform.

If you use my referral link, we can split the referral bonus. and register if you like what you see.

There is 20% bonus for next few days as per the website.

PS: This is not a financial advise and I am not a financial adviser.

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